What We Do

The Forward Foundation is open to partner with informal citizen groups, professionals, not-for-profit organizations, government and corporate to create transformational change.

Citizen Engagement

TFF creates templates for positive citizen engagement. Through these templates, modular citizen contributions are plugged into holistic development solutions driven by citizen volunteers.

Developing Solutions

TFF works with government at all levels in developing meaningful solutions across areas of civic amenities, environment and livelihoods, complete with detailed project reports & implementation.

Policy Advocacy

TFF acts as a platform to vet existing and new policies. Through this platform, various stakeholders are given an opportunity to share inputs which aid meaningful implementation of policies.

Incubation of innovators

TFF incubates innovators by helping them to concretize their ideas into meaningful action. Further, we connect them with all stakeholders to help launch their idea, and attain critical scale to become sustainable.