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Who We Are:
In the year 2013, a group of people realized that despite being highly individualistic and coming from diversified background and experience, they shared a common vision to make a real difference to the society and bring some tangible impact on the lives of many people whom they touch on a daily basis and drive a change. And this thought came because of having worked together under different sociopolitical umbrellas.

Through some thought provoking ideas and relentless discussions, the idea of forming a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) came up that would address pressing issues that a common man face on a day to day basis and the combined determination to do social good would provide a logical solution to address those concerns.

The thought that sprang in our minds took shape as “The Forward Foundation (TFF)”.

Its mission is vividly captured in the logo as the objective is to provide a sustainable solutions by bringing in thought process and collaboration, which will enhance the way people live lives and influence a myraid number of people and issues.

TFF Primary work consists mainly of Promoting Alternate Energy Solutions, Water Conservation, Power, Solid Waste Management, Organic Farming, Influencing Rural & Urban Governance, Instituting PIL’s, Promote Value-based Education and provide free legal assistance to the needy.

What We Do:
We work on conceptualizing long lasting strategies, enhance the existing facilities and drive change that is tangible and bring in a positive change to the society we live-in.

We believe it is imperative to bring in change from the grass-root level by creating awareness in individuals, families and the society we live by conducting rigorous campaigning, support, mobilizing resources and successfully providing results in a collaborative way by having some dedicated partnerships with like-minded individuals, corporations, government bodies and global support to achieve our vision.

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